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If Steve is not too busy taking selfies, he will respond in a very efficient manner.

@AkinOmobitan I concur, I’d like to be proved wrong. But yes I agree, if Ruiz wins, it will make the heavyweight division very interesting.

@AkinOmobitan Ha! How come?

@AkinOmobitan Ruiz and Ruiz. AJ’s overdone it with the brand endorsements etc. You?

@AkinOmobitan Niice. I’ve got a gig, so may have to watch it on the YouTube telly.

@AkinOmobitan Where you watching it?

And the next episode of ‘Balancing Acts’ is liive. In this conversation I chat with with none other than the very f…

@ZeonRichards @Wretch32 Congrats 👏🏼

@john41539411 @metpoliceuk I’ve tried that.

@MPSBethnalGreen reported my moped stolen last night. I’ve since located the exact address where it is being stored…

@metpoliceuk I reported my moped stolen in Bethnal Green last night. I’ve since located the address where it is bei…