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Aand we are back with ep. 20 feat. actor, writer, director & your friend @Khyan. We recorded this ep in the good ol…

A very important announcement from Boris directed at all the selfish wankers.

RT @SeanBurkeShow: Burn some quarantine time by listening to Steve and myself talk about creativity and comedy 🙌

Hi fellow self-islolators,
Ran out of things to watch on Netflix (as if)? Then fear not the latest Balancing Acts e…

In ep.18 I chat with the v funny comedian & writer @AmirK17. We cover:

Why he decided to take a step back from his…

@topicalcomedian Thanks mate!

Near death by way of loud train announcement.

On my way to Southampton, to record a podchat with the best beard in the entertainment industry @Khyan

I recently lent someone a book & decided that the allotted reading time to finish it had expired (3 months if you’r…