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Very late to the party, but @kanyewest did it again with Jesus Is King. It’s some next level, otherworldly shit.

RT @ZaraSymes: Want to hear me chat about balancing mental health while pursuing a creative career and anxiety/imposter syndrome? The wonde…

In this ep I chat with the v lovely & funny actor/writer @ZaraSymes

This was a very open & honest chat. Zara talk…

Take 5 songs from classical composer Einaudi, remix them, record some ridiculously pompous lyrics on top & you get…

This weekend I had the pleasure of watching Parasite, the hype is real. An instant stone cold classic. 10/10 script…

RT @Michael_OT: Had a great time on the Balancing Acts podcast with @OffkeySteve

Check it out!

And we are back for Ep.14 with the v funny @Michael_OT, co-creator/co-writer of Channel 5 & Netflix sitcom ‘Borderl…

Brilliant and inspiring article on The Safdie Brothers:

@Florencesahara You were awesome, thanks for coming on and sharing your wisdom x